Introducing the new IGGVA wide Gift Card program – IGGVA has partnered with Valutec Card Solutions, a division of FIS Global, the #1 Financial Technology company in the world to provide an association wide Gift Card.

With the new IGGVA Gift Card, a card can be purchased on the IGGVA website, or any of the participating winery/vineyard locations, and also redeemed at any of the participating winery/vineyard locations.  When a card is purchased, the funds from the Gift Card sales will stay within the association.  Gift Card monies will be held in a corporate (interest bearing) holding account.  When a card is redeemed at a winery/vineyard location, the Gift Card funds will be transferred to that locations bank account.  IGGVA will hold 10% of Gift Card sales in the association account to assist with the operating budget and provide the ability to be a self-sustaining organization.

How do you benefit? 

Gift Cards are mini billboards that give companies and brands exposure any time they are taken out of the wallet.  The IGGVA Gift Card will help to drive additional foot traffic and revenue to the participating winery/vineyard locations.  58% of consumers will spend at least 35% more than the value of their card which results in additional revenue for your business.

How do you process the IGGVA Gift Card?

Valutec will be providing a web-based Virtual Terminal for all participating winery/vineyard locations to process the IGGVA Gift Cards.  You will have a unique username/password to log in for your location where you can activate a Gift Card for the desired amount when a card is sold.  You will also be able to redeem value from the card when a consumer uses the card to make a purchase.

What is the cost?

There is a one-time $15 setup fee for each winery/vineyard location (IGGVA has agreed to pay this fee for each location).  In regards to the ongoing monthly fees for processing the IGGVA Gift Cards, there are 2 options:

Flat Monthly Fee
$20.00/month (unlimited transactions)
Pooling Fee (money management): $5.00

Per Transaction Model
$11.00/month + $.18 per card swipe
Pooling Fee (money management): $5.00

You can sell 1 gift card per month and cover your monthly fees!

To learn more, contact:

Will Morris |  V A L U T E C
Account Executive
113 Seaboard Lane | Suite A-200 | Franklin, TN 37067
Office: 615-550-8221 | Fax: 615-786-0079


IGGVA has partnered with TROXELL, an independent insurance agency with offices throughout Illinois, to bring members an exclusive Commercial Insurance program created specifically for IGGVA members. 

  • TROXELL consists of a team of insurance experts who have experience and knowledge needed to protect your line of business.
  • When working with TROXELL, you have the option to choose from the best insurance companies in the nation offering a variety of choices and pricing options.
  • With offices in Springfield, Bloomington, Champaign, Chicago, Washington, and St. Louis, Troxell provides service throughout Illinois and in parts of Missouri.

Click here to see the complete IGGVA brochure.

To learn more about this program, click here or contact one of these representatives:

Chris Leming, Senior Vice President


Bridget Selinger, Account Executive

Susanne BullockMember Benefit Programs